Bailey & Company is a patent law firm devoted to providing the top patent law practice in Arkansas. Our registered patent attorney advises clients in all aspects of patent law, including patent application prosecution and patent infringement litigation.

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The commercial value of many inventions derives from integrating the invention in a product and then commercializing that product. Throughout the commercialization process, many individuals will likely have access to information about the invention, such as employees and customers. Without proper protection, those individuals could then use that information to create competitive products. In this regard, a patent can be a valuable business asset because it provides exclusive rights to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering to sell, or importing the patented invention for a limited time. Laws governing patents, however, are often complex and misinterpretations of them can be costly. Our patent attorney is well versed in patent law and advises our clients on all aspects of patents.

Evaluating Patent Protection: Before pursuing a patent, one should consider whether patent protection for a particular invention is appropriate in light of the cost of pursuing a patent and the ability to enforce the patent. Our patent attorney seeks to develop a strong understanding of clients’ inventions to provide helpful guidance when clients are deciding whether patent protection is appropriate.

Patent Application Preparation and Prosecution: Patent applications can be complicated legal instruments to prepare without the help of a patent practitioner and mistakes can jeopardize the patentability of the invention or severely reduce the value of the patent granted. When clients decide to apply for patents, our patent attorney comprehensively advises them on all aspects of the application process and works with them to strategically prepare and prosecute their patent applications.

Transactional Patent Counseling: In transactions involving the transfer of patent rights, understanding each party’s rights and obligations in connection with the transaction, and ensuring the transaction is accurately executed, is critical. Whether parties are seeking to assign or license patent rights, Bailey & Company understands the complexity of these transactions and aims to help clients execute these transactions in accordance with their business interests.

Patent Enforcement: Potential patent infringement should be addressed promptly and strategically. Indeed, in some cases, a business relationship can be developed with a potential infringer. In other cases, further action may need to be taken in order to protect against patent infringement. Bailey & Company can help identify patent infringement, develop a strategy for addressing patent infringement, and execute that strategy.

Patent Challenges and Defense: After a patent issues, its validity might be challenged by other persons, such as competitors or an alleged infringer, or a patent owner might consider supplemental examination to protect against a potential challenge of its patent’s validity. Whether challenging or defending, Bailey & Company advises clients on reexamination, post-grant review, inter partes review, and/or supplemental examination.

Bailey & Company works with individuals and businesses across the United States on matters of patent law. Contact us to learn more about how Bailey & Company can help you or your business with patent-related matters.