Business Law

Bailey & Company’s corporate law practice strives to consistently provide comprehensive and effective legal counsel to Arkansas’s emerging startup companies and leading corporations.

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As a business law firm, Bailey & Company advises Arkansas businesses on a wide variety of corporate and commercial matters. From startups to large corporations, our business attorney strives to help Arkansas businesses navigate the legal aspects of business formation, financing, internal governance, changes of control, and many other business matters. Our clients’ commercial success is important, and we aim to help our clients position themselves to be successful by providing legal counsel that enables them to make informed, strategic business decisions and transactions.

From the beginning, Bailey & Company sets out to develop a deep understanding of clients’ businesses and plans for growth. With such an understanding, Bailey & Company provides legal services tailored to support our clients’ business initiatives. As an example, some of the services Bailey & Company provides includes advising on and preparing operating agreements, bylaws, purchase agreements, service contracts, consultation agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, and assignments and licenses of rights in business assets.

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