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Bailey & Company, Attorneys and Counselors, P.A. (“Bailey & Company”), thanks you for visiting (this “Website”). Bailey & Company owns and operates this Website. Except as otherwise provided by law, professional regulations, or a mutual agreement represented by a formal engagement letter by Bailey & Company, the policy set forth below (this “Privacy Policy”) governs the collection, retention, use, and disclosure of personal information about Viewers. A “Viewer” is any person or other entity, including you, who accesses, visits, uses, reads, or views this Website or any other websites or applications on which this Privacy Policy is presented. Viewers accept this Privacy Policy by using or visiting this Website.

Bailey & Company may collect personal information provided by a Viewer or others, including Viewers’ respective names, occupations, contact information, education, work histories, skill sets, references, proof of entitlement to work in the United States. Bailey & Company will attempt in good faith to honor Viewers’ privacy when reasonably practicable.

The Instances in which Personal Information may be Collected

Personal information may be collected by Bailey & Company when: (i) a Viewer accesses or uses this Website; (ii) a Viewer subscribes to Bailey & Company’s content, news, updates, and other mailing lists; (iii) a Viewer communicates with Bailey & Company, its attorney(s), its agent(s), or employee(s); (iv) a Viewer is the subject of information requested by a third party; or (v) a Viewer indicates a desire to contact Bailey & Company to a third party.

Purposes for which Bailey & Company may use Personal Information

Absent the consent of the Viewer, Bailey & Company will not monitor, modify, or disclose any personal information of a Viewer, except as Bailey & Company believes, in good faith, is reasonably appropriate to (i) prevent, or defend against, misappropriation of its property; (ii) protect the interests of other Viewers; (iii) enforce this Privacy Policy; (iv) comply with the applicable law(s), rule(s), and/or regulation(s); (v) provide services for which it has been retained by the Viewer or the Viewer’s employer; or (vi) maintain, enhance, or restore Bailey & Company’s services and systems in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, which may include use of personal information in employment evaluation, website accessibility, and personalizing marketing communications.

Use of personal information protected by a duty or privilege arising in connection with an attorney-client relationship, or other fiduciary relationship, is governed by the applicable laws and professional regulations, and the mutual agreement(s) represented by a formal engagement letter between Bailey & Company and the person to which such information pertains.

Third Parties with whom Bailey & Company may share Personal Information

Bailey & Company may share your personal information with Patent Offices, Trademark Offices, Copyright Offices, courts, service providers, professional advisors as necessary to comply with ethical and legal obligations, and its affiliates.


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By using this Website, the Viewer(s) agree to cookies being used for the following purposes: (1) enabling the Viewer(s) to navigate, or use the features of, this Website; (2) storing information by Google Analytics; and (3) remembering choices made by a Viewer on this Website.

Google Analytics is an analytics tool that Bailey & Company uses to better understand Viewers’ interactions with this Website. Google Analytics collects information anonymously using cookies and reports trends based on the information collected. Viewers are not individually identified in the reports generated by Google Analytics. Google Analytics customers are required to notify users of their use of analytics software. Viewers can decline cookies on a case-by-case basis in some browsers, or they can otherwise prevent Google Analytics from collecting information using the Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on.

Cookies can be blocked, disabled, or deleted by a Viewer by the Viewer’s indication to that effect in the options or preferences menu in his or her browser. Note, however, that doing so may limit the functions and uses of this Website.

Additional information about cookies can be found at and other internet resources.

Modifications of this Privacy Policy

Bailey & Company may modify this Privacy Policy, and so Viewers should review this Privacy Policy periodically for modifications. Any modifications will be effective as of the “date last modified.” The “date last modified” will be updated upon a significant modification to this Privacy Policy.

Entire Understanding

This Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use is the complete understanding between the Viewer and Bailey & Company with respect to the subject matter hereof and thereof, and supersedes any and all prior agreements that relate to the same subject matter to the extent, and only to the extent, that this Privacy Policy, and/or the Terms of Use, is or are inconsistent with the terms of such prior agreements.

Date Last Modified: June 23, 2020