Emerging Technology

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Developing and protecting cutting-edge technology is important to start-up technology companies seeking to protect their market share and broaden options for raising capital. While cutting-edge technologies, such as blockchain applications and artificial intelligence, are often used to simplify processes, the technologies themselves, and the laws governing their protection, can be complex. When working with technology companies, Bailey & Company first aims to develop a deep understanding of their technologies and then applies a wealth of knowledge in technology law to help with developing and implementing strategies for protecting their technologies.

Building a brand with around a technology can involve a significant investment of time and money. It can therefore be important to protect the brand from misuse, which may be damaging to the reputation of both the brand and the technology. Bailey & Company represents technology companies in preparing and prosecuting applications to federally register trademarks and helps address potential infringing uses of their marks.

As start-up technology companies grow, they generally must build relationships with numerous investors, suppliers, customers, and strategic partners. In this regard, Bailey & Company can help technology companies structure contracts, such as software licenses and non-disclosure agreements, to foster such relationships and reduce IP risks.

Contact us to learn more about how Bailey & Company may be of service your company in protecting its technologies. We understand the challenges faced by start-ups and have developed many fee arrangements with those challenges in mind.